Help those that we can.

November 8, 2017

My work prior to being a Nurse Practitioner focused a lot in the older population as a Registered Nurse.  I have seen so many needs in our good county.  I ask for your help.  If you, or family, or friends have unused medical equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, canes) that you maybe, no longer need or want... please drop that equipment by the office and I will get them to someone that needs them, that maybe can't afford their copay, or Medicare only paid for 1 and theirs broke and they can't afford the outright price of the equipment they need to be mobile and to be safe and to improve their quality of life.  Another need that I have seen from time to time is that sometimes we don't prepare for death, we don't plan ahead, we don't have the finances to or really know what we need to do.  The issue is, in some cases, I have seen families that cannot afford to lay their loved ones to rest.  I have seen where people maybe thought the city or state would help this cost, but that really isn't the case.  The body of a loved one may have to wait for family to come up with the money for that persons last expenses. I have seen this happen multiple times, where it took months for people to lay their loved ones to rest or to be able to afford cremation.  If this need is ever on your heart and you want to help with this, please contact me, let me get your information, and as these needs come up, I could come to you for help.  It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen, and it breaks my heart.  Let's help those that we can.



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