Banana Bag AKA IV Nutritional Drip

October 14, 2018


🍌🍌IV Nutritional Drip aka Banana Bag 🍌🍌
This is a new service that we can provide @ 🍁Black Oak Clinic🍁and lots of people are asking about it, it’s very popular in big cities and with celebrities. It’s also called a hang-over cure (although we won’t call it that because we don’t want to encourage you good folks) however it’s used for tons of things besides that - dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, fighting illnesses, work out or post surgery recovery, inflammatory disorders, fibromyalgia, gut disorders, muscle and joint pain, symptom relief from intensive treatments from serious conditions like cancer. 
1. Insurance isn’t going to cover it 
2. We have researched what to charge for this and I’m going to break down pricing and why I arrived at the cost that I did. First I looked at a clinic not far from us to see what they are charging, their price is $150, which in comparison to IV nutritional clinics all over the nation isn’t that high, I see pricing from $129 to $300 everywhere I look. Then I broke down the costs of everything it takes to provide the service, which is gloves, bandage, IV start pack, IV catheter, the medication (IV multivitamins) disposal of the materials (biohazard), the bag of fluid (comes in 2 sizes), IV tubing, and then the hourly rate I must pay staff to insert the IV, their oversight during the infusion, the removal of it and then cleaning. I came up with introductory pricing that I feel is better than everyone else’s but I cannot say that I won’t change it at some point in the future because the pricing of IV medications fluctuates all the time and that my friends is my biggest expense. 
500 ML Banana Bag- $95
1000 ML Banana Bag- $112
Add Additional 500 ML bag of normal saline at the end- $15
Add IV nausea medication $15
Add IV pain medication $15
No cost for numbing cream and yes we have some awesome stuff* 
3. We do not recommend these infusions for people that have a history of congestive heart failure or having high electrolytes caused by certain medications or illnesses. There is a such thing as too much of a good thing you see.
4. Call 580-584-3099 M-F 9a-5p to schedule
5. Pay up front at time of scheduling via card or cash, sorry guys we don’t take checks. 
6. You can expect to feel significantly better as quick as you’re half way through the infusion, though some people feel relief at the 2 hour mark. You can expect that your results will vary depending on how nutritionally deficient you are and how dehydrated you are. You can expect a faster recovery battling infections because infections deplete us and dry us out. You can expect feeling less fatigued and more energized and that your joints and muscles won’t ache/hurt like they did before. 
7. If you have any other questions please drop thcomments 👇🏼
8. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon.

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