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Do you have to shave for work?  Does shaving your face cause excessive dryness, ingrown hairs (folliculitis), do you have a history of Staph A or MRSA infection or MRSA colonization, or are you routinely exposed to open wounds or infections from other individuals? Do you get fever blisters often and it seems shaving causes them?Shaving increases your risk for infection. 

Need a no-shave waiver prescription to give to your boss?  We can provide that for you.

This is not a formal medical model visit that encompasses a full medical exam and will not serve to diagnose or treat any health problems. Other than to provide your waiver, we do not provide specific medical diagnoses on these and we do not fill out additional paperwork that an employer may want, we do not guarantee that your employer will accept the waiver. Email the clinic with your legal name, date of birth, complete address, and phone number (  We will send you an invoice for $50.00 to your email, once that is paid we will email you your personal no shave waiver.  This may not be billed to insurance.   Turn around time varies based on routine work load in the clinic, generally 3 business days that we are open.  These are signed by a nurse practitioner, are sent via email only and not by regular mail.  We will not make exceptions on the wording on the waiver or on filling out additional paperwork.  There will be no refunds given. 

No-Shave Waiver: About Us
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