We are thrilled to launch our new weight loss program that can be tailored to your unique needs and your own price-range.  We offer an a la carte option for you to explore.  As you can see from the picture, taken in our very own clinic, we have some exciting options to offer you in your weight loss journey.  When you call to schedule your initial weight loss evaluation, we have 2 options for you, one is simplified and one is more comprehensive, all pricing is transparent, where you can help design a plan that works for you and your wallet.

Plan 1- Comprehensive $200

This includes a physical exam and history and lab work up which includes: 

Vitamin B12 level 

Thyroid Hormone Level

Complete Blood Count

Complete Metabolic Panel

Hemoglobin A1C

Fasting Lipid Panel

You will get your first methylcobalamin (most active form of B12) and lipotrophic (skinny shot) injection, this will be 1 shot as they can be mixed in the same syringe.

You will get a prescription for weight loss medication if it is warranted, appropriate and safe for you

You will participate in weight loss goal and planning

You will have an option to get the deepest discounts on your lipotrophic (skinny shot) injections moving forward.

Plan 2- Simplified $100

This includes a physical exam and history

No lab work up

Your first lipotrophic (skinny shot) injection with cyanocobalmin (regular B12).

You will get a prescription for weight loss medication if it is warranted and appropriate and safe for you.

You will participate in weight loss goal and planning.

To schedule your appointment call 580-584-3099 M-F from 9-5.  Your appointment will need to be paid up front at the time you call to schedule it.  This is non-refundable unless you call more than 24 hours ahead of your appointment to cancel.  It is only refundable for missed appointments or less than 24 hours notice of cancelation in the case of inclement weather.  Why do we do this, because we schedule a huge block of time for you on our schedule so that we can give an in depth, comprehensive plan.  No other provider will spend as much time with you in a weight loss program as we do.

Injection Prices- after your initial Weight Loss Evaluation- choose what fits for you as long as the provider deems they appropriate for you.  There are 2 reasons we would not give lipotrophics and that is if you have kidney (renal disease) or you are allergic to sulfur (not sulfa, bactrim).

Lipotrophic Injections (skinny shot) - Lipo-C (these can be given twice a week or once a week, twice a week is optimal)

Individual $20

Bundle of 4 injections-  $60

Bundle of 8 injections- $104

Bundle of 12 injections-  $144

If you have had the comprehensive evaluation, ask what you can do to earn $20 off you Bundle of 12 injections.  These injections are all scheduled to be done in the clinic, no injections are given outside of clinic, they are not for take home due to legalities, you must call at least 24 business hours ahead of time to move/change an appointment or no show fee will apply as we have reserved a time slot for you on our schedule and likely have already drawn up your injection that we would have to discard if you did not show up, and we would not be able to fill that time slot with another patient with such short notice. No call no show would result the loss of that injection plus the no show fee.

Cyanocobalamin Injections (Vitamin B12) Individual Only $15- can be done once every 4-6 weeks

Methylcobalamin Injections (Most active form of Vitamin B12) Individual Only $20- can be done once every 4-6 weeks.

Follow up-If prescription weight loss medication that is a controlled substance is initiated at your initial weight loss evaluation, all refills require weigh in and measure with physical exam evaluation which is $50.

Weight Loss Program is Cash Only, we do not bill insurance payers for this program. We do NOT accept checks, cash or card only please.  Please bring all of your medications you may be taking with you as well.  You need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out your intake paperwork.

There are many weight loss medication options that can be used alone or in combination with your injections.

1st Line Treatment- Good for long term weight loss management.

1. Orlistat (Alli)- old medication and proven to be the safest of all, may cause GI upset, take with multivitamin. Can be purchased over the counter, does not require a prescription, works by inhibiting fat being absorbed in the intestine. There is a stronger dose of this medication that is prescription called Xenical.

2nd Line Treatment- good for short term weight loss management.  These require a pregnancy test prior to prescription if you could be pregnant, they are not safe with pregnancy.

1. Phentermine (Adipex)- good option if patient does not have high blood pressure or other heart problems, this works by suppressing the appetite, it is a controlled substance and requires a prescription.

2. Phentermine with Topiramate ER (Qsymia)- same as above but dose does have to be tapered down when stopping, cannot be stopped abruptly. 

3. Buproprion with Naltrexone (Contrave): not a narcotic, does require prescription, works by increasing metabolism, decreasing appetite and affects the central reward system in the brain.  If you smoke this is a great option to help you stop smoking as well. More information here.

4. Benzphentamine (Didrex): this is an appetite suppressant not unlike phentermine, it is a controlled substance and requires a prescription.

5. Phendimetrazine (Bontril): this is an appetite suppressant not unlike phetermine, it is a controlled substance and requires a prescription.

6. Diethylpropion: appetite suppressant, controlled substance, requires a prescription.

Off Label Options:


Wellbutrin (buproprion)


HCG Home Injections with Protocol





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