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Blog Post: Home Visits Available

We are adding patients to our home visit roster. If you are interested please call the clinic to inquire 580-584-3099. Criteria for home visits, for our provider to consider making the visit outside of the clinic include:

*Must have Traditional Medicare (no medicare replacement plans, no humana)

*Must have a secondary/supplemental insurance, different than medicare, example: AARP, Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, United Healthcare

*Must be wanting a New Primary Care Provider or willing to switch to Black Oak Clinic LLC as your new PCP.

*Must be available in the home for once a month visit from the provider

*Must be homebound or have difficulty leaving the home

*Must be willing to put card on file at the clinic to pay for copays and any deductible amounts that insurance deems the patient is responsible for.


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